Liam Wolfe
Realtime Artist / Digital Designer

Working across game development, VFX, and live performance. Influenced by a love of nightlife, gaming & experiments
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Software: Unreal Engine    

In the age of digital immersion, what does it mean to exist in a physical space? Can we be sure that the body is even real? In Body Pipelines, artist and digital choreographer Harrison Hall, alongside collaborators Sam Mcgilp and Liam Wolfe, explores the collapsing boundaries between the digital and the physical, combining motion capture performance, computer-generated animation, and experimental sound.

Showcased as part of Sydney Opera House ‘Outlines’ (2023)
Watch the full stream here

Body Pipelines
Lead Artists: Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp and Liam Wolfe
Choreographer: Harrison Hall
Technical Artist: Sam Mcgilp
Real-Time Artist: Liam Wolfe
Interlocutor: M@ Cornell

Lead Artists: Harrison Hall and Luca Dante
Sound: Pavel Milyakov

Flesh Cache
Lead Artists: Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp and Naxs Future
Sound: PrairieWWWW
Performers: Cody Lavery, Imanuel Dado and Samuel Harnett-Welk
Avatar Design: Luca Dante


Software: Unreal Engine
TADRA, and other visions uses motion capture, animation, and dance to explore and reinterpret Fijian mythology, symbology and expressive movement. TADRA holds a process of world-building and technological interrogation that focuses on the memory and stories of the dancing-body while transmuting Fijian folklore into a digital vision of mutation and distortion. This work in development utilises motion capture technology to inhabit virtual creatures and environments, in the process of enhancing and abstracting bodily expression in a live space.

Core collaboration: @jahra.arieta x @eek_now x @spewer_os
Performer: @jahra.arieta
Movement coach + performer: @ooshcon @_conjah
Real-time artist: Liam Wolfe @liamwlfe
technical + motion-capture support: @myglip, @infernalfaun
lighting design and op: @cashu1990, @derrickduan_
skin-costume: @6x4online

Originally commissioned by @chunkymove for Activators 10
Development showing presented in @framebiennial in march 2023

Film and edit: James Wright @_nonstudio

{development showing}
dreams, nightmares, and drowning worlds.


Software: Unreal Engine
Lead Artist: Yandell Walton
Choreographer: Harrison Hall
Real-time Artist: Liam Wolfe
Performer: Sarah Aiken

Transdisciplinary installation and development showing
Supported by Creative Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts, and the City of Melbourne with a Mini Max residency at Chunky Move and Platform Arts Geelong

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Software: Unity    
Lead Artists: Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp & NAXS FUTURE
Creative & Art Director: Han Yu-Feng
Project Manager: Chun-Ting Chen
Scene Design, Player Character Design & Web UI Design: Eg.lio
System & Interactive Development: KP Wong & YJ Huang
Technical Art: Wei Huang
Sound Design & Live Performance: Prairie WWWW
Performer & Collaborator: Cody Lavery, Imanuel Dado, Samuel Harnett-Welk

Real-time Artist / Developer: Liam Wolfe
Lead Avatar Design: Luca Dante
Lighting Design: Jenny Hector
Set Design: Lotus Hall
Costume: Sez Brez
Producers: Erin Milne and Xavier O’Shannessy

Photos: Jack Dixon-Gunn

Presented by The Substation and Footscray Community Arts as part of NEIGHBOURHOOD Festival.
Commissioned by The Substation.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, Creative Victoria, the Besen Family FoundationThe Substation, and Taipei Performing Arts Centre.


Software: Unreal Engine
Virtual livestream and artist interviews -commissioned by Arts House, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Taipei Performing Arts Centre, and Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, as part of BLEED's 2022 online symposium.

Lead Artists: Henry Lai-Pyne & Mat Spisbah
Realtime Artist: Liam Wolfe
DJ: Cloudy Ku

3-2-1 RULE

Software: Unreal Engine 

Director: Sam Rolfes
Technical Artists: Sam Rolfes, Alexander Baumann, Liam Wolfe
Motion Capture Performer: Kat Marikos

Captured at Carriageworks, Sydney, NSW

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Software: ZBrush, Maya, Unreal Engine 4

CREDITS Team Rolfes:

Directors, Character Designers: Sam Rolfes & Andy Rolfes
Environmental Designer, VR Puppetry, Additional Mocap: Sam Rolfes
Director of Photography: Tim Saccenti
Producer: Dina Chang
Motion Capture Assistant: Alexander Baumann
Scene FX: Andy Rolfes, Vince Mckelvie, Liam Wolfe
Character Development & Processing: Alexander Baumann, Ian Ross, Dylan Saks, Damien Blaise
Production Company: Setta Studio

Team Elfman:

Creative Director: Berit Gwendolyn Gilma
Executive Produced by: Laura Engel
Associate Producer: Melisa McGregor
Production Assistant: Jae-Mi Shishido
Hair & Makeup: Lizbeth Williamson

Filmed at McNulty Nielsen Studio, Los Angeles, CA