Software: Unreal Engine    

In the age of digital immersion, what does it mean to exist in a physical space? Can we be sure that the body is even real? In Body Pipelines, artist and digital choreographer Harrison Hall, alongside collaborators Sam Mcgilp and Liam Wolfe, explores the collapsing boundaries between the digital and the physical, combining motion capture performance, computer-generated animation, and experimental sound.

Showcased as part of Sydney Opera House ‘Outlines’ (2023)
Watch the full stream here

Body Pipelines
Lead Artists: Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp and Liam Wolfe
Choreographer: Harrison Hall
Technical Artist: Sam Mcgilp
Real-Time Artist: Liam Wolfe
Interlocutor: M@ Cornell

Lead Artists: Harrison Hall and Luca Dante
Sound: Pavel Milyakov

Flesh Cache
Lead Artists: Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp and Naxs Future
Sound: PrairieWWWW
Performers: Cody Lavery, Imanuel Dado and Samuel Harnett-Welk
Avatar Design: Luca Dante