Software: Unreal Engine
TADRA, and other visions uses motion capture, animation, and dance to explore and reinterpret Fijian mythology, symbology and expressive movement. TADRA holds a process of world-building and technological interrogation that focuses on the memory and stories of the dancing-body while transmuting Fijian folklore into a digital vision of mutation and distortion. This work in development utilises motion capture technology to inhabit virtual creatures and environments, in the process of enhancing and abstracting bodily expression in a live space.

Core collaboration: @jahra.arieta x @eek_now x @spewer_os
Performer: @jahra.arieta
Movement coach + performer: @ooshcon @_conjah
Real-time artist: Liam Wolfe @liamwlfe
technical + motion-capture support: @myglip, @infernalfaun
lighting design and op: @cashu1990, @derrickduan_
skin-costume: @6x4online

Originally commissioned by @chunkymove for Activators 10
Development showing presented in @framebiennial in march 2023

Film and edit: James Wright @_nonstudio

{development showing}
dreams, nightmares, and drowning worlds.